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In 2010, Wurmsers was given the task to re-brand, impliment and operate a new graphics set for upcoming season. The graphics would be used over 11 spearate events across europe. In addition, a separate 'sister' graphics set would need to be created for the mid-season Speedway World Cup tournament.

I received the initial brand design in it's early days of development and took the whole television design project on from there. The client, IMG, wanted a striking, bold design that conveys the excitment and thrill of Speedway. I used Viz Artist's 3D capabilities and partical generators to their full effect, whilst also taking advantage of input video feeds. One of the other big innovations was to use data transitions to show how a riders result has had an effect on standings.

The Viz scenes all had to work with a bespoke application, also created by Wurmsers, that held all the competition data. The design was implemented in Viz, complete with sound effects, in just under two weeks and included a pre-rendered replay wipe, created in Adobe After Effects, in the same style.

Client: IMG

Speedway Grand Prix Speedway Grand Prix Speedway World Cup
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