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The 2011Rugby World Cup was perhaps the only major tournament of the year and Wurmsers partnered with ITV Sport to supply the graphics for the ITV presentation coverage. I was responsible for the Viz development of all the graphics as well operation during the tournament.

The design of the graphics was a combination of Alex Dinnin, the ITV Sport graphics designer, and the Jump design agency. However, my responsibility was to take all these designs and to migrate them onto the Viz. Not only does that mean recreating the look Photoshop images and QuickTime videos using Viz Artist, but also the animation. Another consideration was creating all these graphics to be easy to operate, from a behind the scenes point of view, but also should be able to be dynamic, allowing quick changes in what can often be reactionary programming.

The graphics would be operated from bespoke software developed at Wurmsers and Viz Trio software. They also needed to be renderable for post production as match highlights would be shown later in the day.

There were many challenges in the matching the design, but by using advanced Viz techniques I could create the quality necessary to match the initial supplied designs. There were also many complicated elements needed to keep the operation simple, especially as the operation moved from it's base in London to New Zealand for the final rounds of the tournament.

The ITV coverage has had many successes including a peak of 6.85 million during Wales' semi final defeat to France, and many positive comments about the overall look of the presentation and the graphic design.

Client: ITV Sport

RWC 2011 RWC 2011 RWC 2011
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