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For the last 3 years I have been involved in Royal Ascot, whether it's Viz design and support or using Wurmsers' Quattrus product - a creative editing platform integrating the use of Leich Velocity or Final Cut Pro with Adobe After Effects in a fast turn around creative environment. In 2010 it was the latter.

Royal Ascot one of the most famous racing weeks in the world. With sell out crowds on each of the 5 days in June it certainly gets people talking about racing, fashion and entertainment. If you're not there you can catch up with all the action on the BBC, produced by Sunset and Vine.

As part of the Quattrus creative editing offering in 2010 I created stylish VT edits which improves the quality of output and reach out to the viewer. Programme menus, race menus, musical runners and riders and course maps are just some of the features that were output.

The programme menus and race menus use archive footage from previous years and rushes from the previous days events. For Runners and riders shots for each horse are researched and pulled from the archives, sometimes a long job, to create encaptulating in depth piece of VT that has the latest betting supered onto it live using the VizRT system.

The course maps use some fantastic heli footage thats mapped and tracked to a GPS style map which helps the view to understand the challenges and distance of a particular race.

On the final day of Royal Ascot viewing figures peaked at 2.1 million to watch Art Connoisser repeat his 2009 win.

Client: Sunset+Vine / BBC Sport

BBC Sport Racing Royal Ascot  BBC Sport Racing Royal Ascot
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