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Viz Artist
Viz Trio
Viz DataPool
Adobe Photoshop

In late 2009 Wurmsers received the contract to provide the graphics for Channel 4 Racing , 80 days of horse racing, produced by HighFlyer TV. One of the main aims was to streamline the graphics operation from 3 or 4 operators in one scanner to just 2. Also, Wurmsers would supply the truck and use VizRT machines to produce 3D rendered graphics, away from the previously used Aston Ethos.

Not only did the technology and work flow change, but so did the branding. Designed by David Phelan of Mode Vision Ltd, over 120 different templated scenes were created, by myself, in Viz Artist. The scenes could be split into two separate categories, one set would be driven from a bespoke application, which handles all the racing data, coming from a Press Association data feed and the second driven via an operator using Viz Trio.

I created the scenes that work with the application to be flexible to cope with updates when on screen. The Trio driven scenes used Datapool and Transition Logic to give the operators ultimate flexibility when on-air.

In addition to the templated scenes, I also wanted the operators to make use of Trio Designer, a tool where operators could have the flexibility of creating their own graphics template, rather than being forced into using a pre-existing template, which did not suit the needs. A number of specific branded elements were produced, so that the operators could make full use of this feature without going off brand.

We also wanted to use the Viz to produce graphics that normally would have taken time to prepare and create in VT. Instead, by inputting a feed through the Viz, we could show video in 3D space to create runners and riders sequences, programme menus and end credits, (visually better than using a simple DVE pull back on the mixing desk).

Finally, using high resolution satellite imagery, we created a virtual world to show TurfTrax data, to inform the viewer on the latest 'going' in a very encaptivating mannor.

The graphics went live in March 2010, in time for the Cheltenham Festival and have been constantly improved and updated week on week.

In March 2011 'Channel 4 Racing' went into High Definition along with sister programme 'The Morning Line'. The was not a problem for the graphics first made in 2009 as they were created HD ready. This meant only a few tweaks were required before they made there debut in full HD, 1080i.

Client: HighFlyer TV

Channel 4 Racing Channel 4 Racing Channel 4 Racing
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