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BTCC 2010


2011 is shaping up like it is going to be the year of HD and the British Touring Car Championships certainly wern't going to be left behind. To co-inside with those extra pixels being added to the screen I created some new designs that were pitched to ITV to give the graphics a revamp too. The end result? Informative, strong and efficient graphics that really bring out the best of HD, while also catering to the standard definition viewers.

I had 3 objectives when creating the new style of graphics, as I felt the old style just did not cater for what we were trying to do for the BTCC.

1. More Information: To be able to use as much of the timing data avaliable to us as possible, to unlock the full potential, but in a form that can be easily read and understood. Not necessarily bound to text but colours and visuals too.

2. More Efficiant: To let the amount of data determine the amount of screen estate the graphics take up. So the background box to hold a short name would be smaller than that of a long name. This is to avoid large graphics from invading camera shots especially at undulating circuits.

3. More Clarity: To have the colours and layout of the of the graphics consistent to enable the viewer to quickly pick up information in what is a very fast moving sport. An example of how I have achieved this is simply by splitting the screen in half with the lower left hand side of the screen dedicated to naming drivers and messages and the right with statistical timing data. I've also matched the style of the new car numbers on the side of the cars with the graphics so there is no confusion with what all those numbers mean.

The new graphics went live for the first time on on Saturday 2nd April with the coverage of the BTCC qualifying session, followed by the first High Definition broadcast on ITV 4 HD on Sunday the 3rd April 2011. They have been well received by both the production team and more importantly the viewers and will see further developments over the course of the season.

Since the 2011 began ITV have seen a huge rise in viewing figures compared to the same rounds the previous year, to an average of 34.6%! Some rounds such as Thruxton saw a rise of 56%. The full article can be found on the BTCC news site.


Client: ITV Sport

British Touring Car Championship British Touring Car Championship British Touring Car Championship
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