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August 2010 saw the world's top athletes compete in the Barcelona 2010 European Athletics Championships. It had a global TV audience of 368 million, including viewers of the BBC in the UK.

Wurmsers supply the graphics for the BBC Athletics coverage throughout the year but this particular event was special, not only due to it's size but that fact it was the first event to use BBC Sport's new graphics style since the Football World Cup in June 2010 and in HD!

The graphics scenes were created by Red Bee Media and passed on to Wurmsers for testing and broadcast. My job was to act as a consultant to the testers to ensure the scenes were built in the best possible manner for the graphic operators to use and also were visually up to a broadcast standard. I also had to ensure any background looping videos were encoded to the correct specification for playout and other technological factors. Any scenes which needed further modification were sent back to Red Bee for updating.

The event was a huge success, showing many hundreds of graphics over the two week period. Since then, the new style graphics have been continued to be updated and used on further athletic events for the BBC.

Client: BBC Sport

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