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Forgive the pun, but for the 2011 Festival of Speed we wanted to take the graphics up a gear. In 2010 the famous hill climb shoot-out event was broadcast for the first time live on Sky Sports and 2011 brought the Sky cameras back to Goodwood and in HD.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed spans over 4 days, with displays, demo's and timed cars running up the hill and around the forest rally stage, with the VizRT powered graphics bringing information to all the big screens and plasma TVs around the estate. Although the event is extremely fun and friendly things get competitive with the weekend culminating in the shoot-out.

This year we wanted to convey this competitive edge to both the event and TV audiences. In previous years we ran a running clock as the timed car made it's way up the hill showing speeds and intermediate times as the car made it's way up the course. In 2011 we added a new dimension comparing the running car to the leading car in the group, as well as displaying information for the brand new 100m sprint intermediate point.

This allowed us to show the following information; 

- Target Time to 100m Speed after 100m
- Time after 100m
- Comparative time to 'position 1' at 100m (+/- comparison)
- Target Time to Intermediate 1
- Comparative time to 'position 1' at Intermediate 1 (+/- comparison)
- Target Time to Intermediate 2
- Comparative time to 'position 1' at Intermediate 2 (+/- comparison)
- Target Time & Name to Finish Line
- Comparative time to 'position 1' at Finish Line (+/- comparison)

I was responsible to create a design for these new graphics and set up a graphics process to get all this new information to the screen. The most difficult part of the whole process was to create a system that met the sponsorship requirements of the event. There were certain requirements and restrictions that had to be met, for instance for sponsorship logos only to appear at certain time or under certain conditions. Once the design was created, system set up and tested I could pass on my design to the data providers, Timing Solutions Limited (TSL), who could then add into their application the ability to drive and populate the required information into these new graphics.

I was then at the Festival of Speed for three of the four days at the beginning of July to operate the graphics through the TSL application and Viz Trio on both the hill climb and forest rally stage.

The success of the event can only be measured in the size of the crowd, and when you get over 100000 people through the gates over the course of the weekend you know it is something special.

Client: Goodwood Estate

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